Four Stamp Collections

How do you do! My name is Svend. I am pleased that you are visiting my site and hope you will enjoy it.

I have been a stamp collector since I was 6, member of a stamp club since I was 15, have participated in several exhibitions
including at the international (Nordic) level, all of which have gained me many exiting hours and friends all over the world.

My collecting interest lie within traditional philately and postal history. I feel uncomfortable with modern philately although I admire those collectors who do present very interesting philatelic exhibits from a time where the role of the postage stamp as a means of furthering communication has in general been overshadowed by its role as a collector of revenue for the state.

I am keenly interested in the "primitive" printing techniques of the 19th century which today allow patient stamp collectors like myself to plate and thereby reconstruct sheets of printings of certain, in this case Danish, once very common issues. Further, through the postal history of the Duchies of Schleswig-Holstein I continue to learn about one of the most complicated and troubled periods of relations between Denmark and the German peoples. The stamps issued by Queen Victoria at Ceylon satisfy my exotic interests. And finally, every stamp collector, I believe, has the dream of building a universal collection. In collecting the newspaper wrappers of the 18th century I take care of that aspect.

I shall present items from my 4 main collections as well as one or two problems
connected with these collections on the following pages.

If you are a stamp collector,
a postal historian
or just interested in knowing more
about what you see on these pages
don't hesitate to send me an email:

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